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How do I cash out?

Last Updated 10 months ago

Cashout at any time!

Get out of your bet at any time! Absolute control for the avid punter. Available on all bets that have not got a final status.

Simply accept the cash out amount shown on your betslip or player account and the funds will be credited to your player account for use elsewhere on other fixtures or options.

Easy Steps to follow (Self Service):

  1. Go to the 'My Bets' section of the user profile
  2. Choose the ticket you want to make the early cashout on
  3. Select the ticket and click 'Cash-Out' on the bottom of the ticket, or click directly on the green 'Cash-Out' button in the bets list
  4. Confirm the cashout process
  5. Enjoy your winnings! money will be in your account

Easy Steps to follow (Retail):

  1. Take the ticket you want to cashout to the cashier
  2. Ask them for the cashout offer
  3. Accept the offer from the cashier
  4. Get your payout slip and money - Enjoy

Note in some instances Cashout will not be available please wait and try again later

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